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2009 AOBA Nationals Huacayas VS Suris

June 25, 2009

images2009 AOBA Nationals is in the history books. This year it was held at the Cleveland IX Center.

We had about 1200 total alpaca halter entries and approximately 1100 fleece entrys from all around the world! But what was interesting was that 800 of those entries were suris. Why you ask were there twice as many suris as huacayas when there are 4X more registered huacaya over suris? That means that suris were represented 8X more than huacayas. Very puzzling. Since we own both huacayas AND suris, We asked many folks at the event to explain their reasonings.

Some of the explanations we heard:
– Suri breeders value Prestigious events more than huacaya breeders
– Suri breeders have more money than huacaya breeders
– Suri breeders are more confident winning at Nationals because their competition is generally much smaller than huacaya competition and they are accustomed to winning ribbons at shows.
– Suris are generally kept in long fleece for 2 years therefore more were available for Nationals over the (late date natinals)shorn huacayas
– huacaya breeders are too intimidated by the likes of Snowmass, Magical, etc…., to spend and waste money at Nationals getting the gate.
– suri breeders must show to sell their product

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