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Diamond in the Rough- SSF Peruvian Pablo

June 26, 2009

thumbnail-7.aspxNow I’ll be the first to tell you that brown herdsires have a small niche breeding market in the industry, but they do have a key presence nonetheless.

You’re shooting for black, you get brown… You’re playing it safe and breeding fawns- you get brown… Can’t wait to get your “for-sure” grey, and out comes a brown… You usually never hold your breadth for one, but they sure know how to come at the most uncertain of times; it is the brown alpaca that will put you’re farm, on the map?!

SSF Peruvian Pablo is a good example of a farm capitalizing on another’s unexpected. Born of a consistently-proven fawn dam, and a fantastic Royal Fawn son named Peruvian Accoyo Maverick (white I mind you), Pablo is a typical candidate for a high-quality brown herdsire. He sports a 18.1 Juvenile AFD, and crimp that will give a blue-ribbon fawn trouble any-day. It’s no surprise the up and coming herdsire has tallied 4x Championships and 9x Blue-Ribbons.

Although they fall to a downward stare by many breeders, I have a strong place in breeding strategy for browns. They for me, hold the key that connects the fineness and crimp of the lights to the darks. That alone deserves them the title as the ones responsible for the elite fleeces now found in black and grey fleeces.

Keep an eye on this Pablo at Criation Station Alpaca Farm. One look at his fleece below, and you’ll be interested.thumbnail-6.aspx

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  1. June 27, 2009 4:57

    Cooper hit the nail on the head when he stated that browns hold the key to the elite dark colored fleeces.

    Pablo’s first two cria are true black and taupe dark brown. Both show extreme fineness and brightness to their fleeces.

    The other outstanding quality we hope Pablo will pass to his offspring is retained fineness. His 3rd year histogram is 21.2 AFD, 4.6 SD, 21.7% CV, 95.3% CF.

    Thank you Cooper for recognizing our “Diamond In The Rough”.

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