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Herdsire Profile- CAR SuperNova’s Quattro

June 26, 2009

thumbnail-4.aspxHere’s a male I’ve kept quiet tabs on over the years- CAR SuperNova’s Quattro. It’s kind of an interesting story actually, how he ended up at Chardon Alpaca Ranch in Ohio:

“The best and worst thing that happened to us in 2000 was the sale of CAR Sunbeam Alpine who was bred to Royal Peruvian Apollo at the time. The breeding of this pair was the best thing that ever happened resulting in the birth of SuperNova. SHRA Zephyr was added to our program to carry us into the future and was bred to the best male we could find. SuperNova!

The result of this SuperNova breeding was a fine white male, CAR SuperNova’s Quattro. Stachowski Alpacas has joined us in a joint ownership with Quattro – not much more needs to be said about this male’s quality.” – Chardon Alpaca Ranch

Quattro took a First Place at the 2005 AOBA National Fleece Show. Beyond that I think he has held back from the show ring, keeping him out of the spotlight for the most part. Don’t be mistaken though, SuperNova sons don’t come available for breeding often outside of Cas-Cad-Nac Farm, and this one in particular is packing quite the fleece.

So far this male’s top production is in two females; a fawn female named ‘Precious Gem’s Golden Jubilee‘ and a white who just took a 1st Place at AOBA 2009 named ‘CAR Quattro’s Clarity‘.

Although his $6,000 stud price feels high, it would be intriguing to see more Quattro offspring on the ground.

Quattro Fleece

Quattro Fleece


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