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Top Breeders Taking Advantage of the Web

June 26, 2009

3d internet concept. Monument WWW.Everyday more and more people are realizing the benefits that the Web can have for a business, particularly for an industry so under the radar as Alpacas are. For sellers, an aesthetically conscience website can turn your breeding program from appearing as a hobby, to a professional full-fledged business. But amongst all the high-tech features, where does one get started with building their own farm website? And, what is needed for an effective farm page?

I’m going to get this out of the way– if you own Alpacas, and are not on, then I highly suggest you do. AN as its beloved followers affectionately call the site, is a database of thousands of Alpacas listed both for sale, and for hire if you need outside breedings.  Simply register as a member, pay the couple hundred bucks for the year, and you have access to building and designing your own simple to use Breeder Page, and list animals for sale. If you’re in this industry to buy and sell animals, then is your best place to start online.

Secondly, a dedicated website for your farm can prove very valuable. It increases exposure, and somewhat legitimizes your business. On paper this will be more expensive then the alpacanation membership, but the difference isn’t worth mentioning if it means a sale or two from having one. You don’t need to dazzle anyone with an intro page or flash features, but having a professionally designed website is something to look into. Having your own website allows for flexibility, and can be used as a terrific marketing tool if you know a think or two about SEO (search engine optimization).

The number one tip I can give though about having your own alpaca website, is that it is IMPERATIVE that you frequently update your pages with new photos and information. If people realize that you are putting in the time to make updates, then they will come back over and over to be on the cutting edge of what’s going on. Especially when it comes to newly born animals, as the market has become so competitive in finding juvenile talent for the show rings. Just keep it in mind.

A fresh look once in a while is a wise upgrade. I noticed that Crescent Moon Ranch and Alpacas De La Patagonia recently gave their websites an extreme makeover. They are very fresh looking, with a clean design template; good examples of an effective website.

Feel free to post links to your sites for review.

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