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Social Networking for Alpaca Breeders

July 1, 2009


Most ranchers are seen as old school, set in their ways, and suspicious of change. Are alpaca breeders like that?

Perhaps some are, but there are also many alpaca breeders taking advantage of social media these days. What is social media? Social media is defined by Brian Eisenberg as “platforms for information and relationships, not for content and ads”.

Social networking (meeting people and talking with them online) can be a particularly good resource for alpaca breeders who are often somewhat isolated on their farms. Going to alpaca shows and events are nice for networking, but they can be costly. Social networking on the internet is basically FREE.

There are many social network communities for alpaca breeders of all types and ages to connect, collaborate, and promote their operations.  They offer valuable platforms that allow their members to:

  • Create and develop new contacts
  • Share and learn from one another
  • Expand their marketing reach
  • Share video and pictures
  • Create and invite others to events
  • Have their own web page for marketing

Popular Social Networking groups for alpaca breeders:

These sites are a great place to interact with Farmers and Ranchers of all kinds. Founder of CattleGrower, Chad Galloway states, “I believe we all want to do better by ourselves, our operations, and our families. provides that possibility – Simple to understand and easy to use, yet powerful enough to be limited only by your imagination – best of all, it costs you nothing.”

Leave a comment and tell us what other social networking groups you use in your Farm Business!

Read more from Katy at Alpaca Farmgirl.

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  1. Cooper Smith permalink*
    July 2, 2009 4:57

    Wonderful Katy. Alpaca Social, Farms for the Future, and CattleGrower are wonderful places for breeders to start. Great insight!

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