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Alpacaguy to Undergo…a Makeover???

July 13, 2009

makeover.jpgSome big changes are coming to the site- alpacaguy… And, it will all begin tomorrow.

Just about two weeks ago I had the sudden urge to finally, after all these years, get a head full of Alpaca facts down on paper (my generation’s term for Microsoft Word). Along the way I’ve vented some frustrations, made industry breeding and sales predictions, and surely opened at least one can of worms. Much to my surprise, I’ve received an inbox full of emails from you, the breeders, encouraging ongoing coverage of our much beloved industry.

So, in that mere fourteen days, we have added three wonderful contributors, all of whom are just as engaged as I am in our own respective topics. We will continue taking applications for administrative and contributing roles, so long as our reader basis continues to grow. Which appears to be the case, as we recently surpassed 1,500 unique visitors on Alpacaguy’s two week anniversary!

Now for the makeover. We will be implementing new features at a staggered pace– so as to evaluate the response from you guys. This process will begin tomorrow, with a formal announcement on our twitter page.

Thanks again guys and gals. Don’t be shy- be heard–comment!


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