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AOBA Getting… Technical

July 14, 2009

AOBA has finally decided to establish a “Communication Task Force” to deal with the disconnect between an unorganized “organization” and it’s member basis- Alpaca breeders at large. I didn’t think much at first about the email notification I received from AOBA board member, Libby Forstner; but, after reading a follow up on another breeder’s blog and giving it a little more consideration, I’ve decided to publicly state “well-done AOBA”. It’s about time too. AOBA is the primary National “mother” organization that acts as an umbrella over all regional affiliates for those of you unfamiliar. The calling card email is posted below:

Dear AOBA Member:
I hope that you are enjoying the summer!
The AOBA Board of Directors has established a Communication Task Force to work on recommendations for improving two-way communication between the Board and the Membership.  This task force will, among other things, look at establishing a replacement for the Affiliate Congress, research better use of the internet and other options for improved two-way communication and consider ways of increasing membership input into important industry decisions.  We will need at least one or two individuals familiar with computers and internet communication options to serve on this committee.  Must be organized and willing to work hard (as a volunteer) in a team setting.  Patience and a sense of humor are a plus! – Libby Forstner

There is no beating around the bush here, the web is an invaluable tool for Alpaca breeders. Whether it be used for marketing and promotion, or simply staying connected with peers in the industry, the internet is the new frontier.

The submission deadline for this volunteer position was on July 11th, so unfortunately it might be too late to apply. However, if you are qualified and fluent in social-networking sites it might be worth while sending Libby a note:

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