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Cooper Smith: A young fellow raised in Princeton, New Jersey. Opinionated on all things Alpaca.

Don Marquette: Don Marquette owns and operates The AlpacaRosa in Mogadore, Ohio. He is a trusted insider of the Alpaca industry, and befriended by many breeders.

Don and alpaca.jpg

Katy Spears: Founder and editor of Alpaca Farmgirl blog, Katy, her husband, Steve, and their four children live with over 70 alpacas at Fairhope Alpacas in Alabama . Ten years ago she left a career as a Clinical Psychologist to raise alpacas and be home with her family. She hasn’t looked back since. Contact her at


Melinda Cook a.k.a. The Pacablogger: Melinda owns Trueheart Alpacas in Franktown, Colorado and likes to masquerade part-time as the Pacablogger. Besides breeding, she consumes her free time with the fiber arts: knitting, spinning, dyeing and some very bad weaving. You can reach Melinda at

The Pacablogger

Maren Bradley Anderson: Maren and her husband Charles own Evergreen Terrace Farms in Monmouth, Oregon . They co-host Paca Talk, the podcast for alpaca people. She teaches writing and literature at a local college and has many blogs and writing projects going on at once. She also spins, knits, and otherwise does all the fiber prep on the ranch. You can reach Maren at


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